Simplify your life

Beautiful designs

Minimalist designs that are clean and easy to use


Our products behaves based on your schedule, location and your daily interaction with the products


Our application offers options to allow you to customize everything around your lifestyle

Save time!

Our technology is designed to save you time by eliminating the unnecessary tasks of everyday interaction with products

Your average morning powered by Cenify

The video shows a demonstration of how simple your morning is when the interactive things in your home are powered by Cenify.

Unlimited possibilities with Cenify

Throughout our daily lives, we are constantly interacting with products around our homes, taking up our valuable time and energy. From resetting your alarm clock to your first cup of coffee to remembering to open blinds to setting heating and air-conditioning to desired environment and finally making sure all lights are off and doors locked as you leave to work.

You can’t control time, but you can manage time.

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