Simplify your life

Beautiful designs

Minimalist designs that are clean and easy to use


Our products behaves based on your schedule, location and your daily interaction with the products


Our application offers options to allow you to customize everything around your lifestyle

Save time!

Our technology is designed to save you time by eliminating the unnecessary tasks of everyday interaction with products


Cenify is a home automation startup with a focus of creating smart products using artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand human interaction with everyday devices. By using predictive analytics, we are building our platform to be automated that provides a seamless interaction to the user.

What we offer


Communications to devices and to interfaces are encrypted

Real Time

All communications between users and devices happen in real-time, running at the speed of the internet.


“Cloud” – All user’s devices are private between family members along with personal settings of each member.


Users can connect as many devices to Cenify's platform as they like.


The hardware is like a software, with regular updates and improvements to keep users happy.

Voice Command

Use your own voice to control your home.


Smart devices interact with you base on your location and environment (weather, traffic, etc.)

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