Discover the benefits

Beautiful designs

Appealing navigation made with simplicity in mind


Our products behaves based on your schedule, location and your daily interaction with the products


Our application empowers your products to cater to your lifestyle

Save time!

Our technology eliminates the unnecessary tasks of everyday interaction with products

Achieving Intelligent Living

Cenify is a home automation startup with a focus on creating smart products using artificial intelligence to understand human interaction with everyday devices. By using predictive analytics, we have built our platform to be automated to provide a seamless interaction for the user.

Learn what's possible

No Hub

Products in Cenify's ecosystem work independently without the need of any centralized device. This means you pay less for the same smart solutions you've been searching for.


Communications to devices are encrypted with the latest and most secure technology.


With Cenify's hardware updates can be sent remotely so that users have the latest enhancements.

Real Time

All communications between users and devices happen in real-time so that each command happens when you want it to.


“Cloud” – All user’s devices are private between family members along with personal settings of each member.


The amount of devices connected in each home is unlimited.

Voice Command

Take control of your products using your voice.


Smart devices interact with you based on your location and environment (weather, traffic, etc.)

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